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yaaren's Journal

Amy Racecar
21 April
My name is Amy Racecar. You've probably heard of me.
)'(, adult swim, adventures, alternate reality gaming, alternative press, andre gide, androgyny, apples, argentina, art fucks, authenticity, b. fleischmann, beat poets, big games, biking, björk, blanket forts, buffy the vampire slayer, burning man, camp, clarence john laughlin, collaborative art, comparative literature, cowboy bebop, creative commons, critical theory, cultural anthropology, cultural studies, danny lyon, david lynch, derive, diane arbus, documentary filmmaking, documentary photography, drag, dream logic, e.e. cummings, erotica, exercise, experimental music, expressionism, fairy tales, filmmaking, gender, genderqueer, ghost stories, glbt, graphic design, holgas, hoodie weather, house of leaves, human rights, human trafficking, illegal art, independent film, india, journalism, kahlil gibran, kfai, kronos quartet, language acquisition, lester bangs, lhasa de sela, linguistics, make blog, making up words, minneapolis, mnartists.org, multimedia, muppets, naps, neil gaiman, net art, nyc, ok soda, osvaldo golijov, pablo neruda, pbs, philosophy of math, photography, photojournalism, pitchforky mobs, poi, polaroids, polyfidelity, pretending, psychoanalysis, psychographic cartography, public radio, public space, puffins, queer theory, radio drama, radio production, radiohead, raghubir singh, retrofuturism, rhizome, robots, roland barthes, running, san francisco, sex positive, sexuality, sf0, sigmar polke, singing, slam poetry, sones huastecos, sound art, spanish, stan brakhage, steampunk, strangers with candy, stray bullets, street art, street photography, stripey socks, sushi, sustainability, taking care of others, the preamble, theatre, this american life, thunderstorms, tom waits, toy cameras, travel, trouble-making, twin cities, unfocused unfettered knowledge acquisition, veg, vegan cooking, veggies, william eggleston, william kentridge, yoga, zombies